Blake and I are avid scuba divers and are constantly on the search for our next dive destination. I wanted this year's dive to a be a little special because Blake was turning 30 and had just finished his second master's degree. We searched multiple sites and it seems like Sipadan (an island off of  east Malaysia) was the winner. Sipadan was one of the world's top dive sit and it was the most affordable option for us. However, getting there itself was an obstacle. Blake and I took three flights from to get to Tawau from Colorado. Once we arrived at Tawau airport, we took a one hour shuttle to the jetty, from the jetty we took another hour of boat ride to Mabul island. Mabul is an island near Sipadan that offers accommodations to divers who are interested in diving Sipadan. There are no resorts, hotels or any other establishments in Sipadan since 2000 when it was named a protected marine area.

Once we arrived at Sipadan Mabul Dive Resort on the Mabul island we were blown away by its isolation and beauty surrounding it. The SMART resort is divided into two area, a beach chalet area and a Bungalow area. The Bungalow are built on top of the water behind the beach chalet in native Malaysian architect. Of course Blake and I stayed on the beach chalet since the bungalow is almost 30% expensive. However it is very beautiful, if travelers have the money I would recommend staying in the bungalow. Besides the beautiful and cute rooms, the water and beach surrounding the resort was more breathtaking. The water was glistening, reflecting the sunlight of of it. The different shades of blue of the water is so inviting that you cannot help but want to be part of it and that is exactly what we did! After some briefing and check in documents, Blake and I participated in the orientation house reef dive in the bungalow area.

Our first day of diving we got to visit Sipadan Island, which was a big deal because Sipadan is limited to only 120 divers a day. It is extremely hard to get a permit on a busy season. We were blown away by the massive coral gardens and walls! It almost seemed endless. The marine lives there were very heatthy and colorful. Our heads wouldn't stop turning because there was so much to see. Every five minutes we have turtles swimming alongside us or white tips just resting below us. It was a dream come true! We had an idea of what to expect before arriving but it still exceeded our expectation.

When we traveled across the world for the unique experience of diving in Sipadan, we made sure we brought all the proper gears and devices to fully maximize our underwater encounter. What can be worst than a camera or a GoPro dying because there are too many pictures or videos to take? Yea that happened to us on our first trip to the Cayman Islands. So we got smarter this time around and brought a POWER BANK on the boat with us. We knew we will be doing three dives a day and a fully charged GoPro will only last about 2 dives, which means the other 1 dive of our amazingness will not be capture :( . So we thought, nothing a Power Bank cannot fix.

We charged our power bank and our GoPro the night before our dives. Sure enough, the power bank was able to charge our GoPro 4 FULL TIMES plus our phones! Needless to say, we were very happy to not have missed any moment underwater with the white tip shark, the bump head fish, the barracudas, and many other colorful tropical fishes. Nothing is more depressing than to come home from a dive trip without pictures or videos to reminisce on. It has been half year since we are back from Sipadan, but there is not a day we stop looking at the pictures and thinking about this magical place.

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